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Welcome to your affiliate area.

Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

  • What is an affiliate program ?

    Answer : Its a program offer to people who wants to earn money by introducing visitors to our brand.

  • How can I earn cash with this program ?

    Answer : Its simple, by sharing our products and page on social media platform and/or website.

  • How do you know its me ?

    Answer : When you subscribe to our affiliate program, you will receive a PERSONAL LINK and a COUPON CODE and each time a visitor will buy from this link OR add your coupon code at checkout,

    you will get notice and get a commission for it.

  • How I will be Paid ?

    Answer : By PayPal. Please note, PayPal transfer will be send every $50 commissions reached.

How it works :

  • register to get your affiliate code and coupon code
  • share your link or your coupon code
  • earn 15 % of commission every time someone buy it from your links or coupon code

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